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Published: 26th October 2011
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The designer clothes always lead the fashional trend of new season. In the beginning of fall, ONLY have launch fashional winter dress firstly. Kinds of short down jackets, long down jackets and down vests cater to ladies who love different tastes with various color and length design. Jacket is one of the popular clothing to many designer brands. ONLY short down jacket is the leader of fashion trend. They adopt the latest style and material.

Short down jacket is so warm that you do not afraid of the cold weather. The down material at lining is light but warm. The knitting tightening design of shoulder and bottom hem add the fabric stereo feeling which make you to be the focus of the street. The long down jacket with hat keep warm and fashionable together. Science and technology of the coating feels dye-in-the-wood fabrics. When the cold winter is coming, ONLY down jacket is necessary for you. Beautiful girls prepare down jacket, then ONLY brand can not be missing.

ONLY is one of the four famous fashion companies—Bestseller in Denmark. Bestseller company was founded in 1972, it is the largest transnational fashion group in Europe. Its designers spread all over the European cities. They can capture the latest fashion trend quickly. The headquarters is located in Denmark. In the headquarters, the fashional informations from Milan and Paris are analysed and summaried in time. Then designers can design a variety of styles that suit for their own brand style. The exclusive shops have been spreaded all over more than 18 countries.

ONLY brand came to China on 1996 at its first time. The brand designs for the independent and freedom modern women who live in the big cities in the world. The women are sensitive to fashion and quality. The brand represents live and interesting life style of many young people. There are various cloth style of women's clothes, such as coat, jacket, shirt and overpull, as well as other accessories, such as backbag, hat and gloves. The products of ONLY are suppled to modern women who are between 15 to 35 years old. In general, women in these age stage are confident and independent.

The fabric are from the high quality material of Europe and Japan.
Designers adopt changeful and rich colors, which has a strong rhythm. They combine the latest fashional trend to design so many comfortable styles. These styles stand for fashion in the world. The clothes of ONLY are fit for tour, party and entertainment—kinds of relaxed situation. The brand brings the world fashion, at the same time, it brings the world first-class quality and service. ONLY leaves the high price aside and takes the reasonable price, which is different from many international famous brands. The simple behavior is more close to customers.

The world super model Helena and Naomi Campbell once spokespersons of ONLY. At the turn of the century, European famous lead singer of AUQA band-LENE to be the new spokesman. The new high-tech fabrics and the most stylish design will bring you to experience fashion. ONLY always stand in the forefront of popular. ONLY's products are really high quality and reasonable price. This is the reason why it is so popular in the worldwide.

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